Doomadgee, an Aboriginal community of about 1050 people, is in the Gulf country, 100 km west of Burketown. It was named after Dumaji, a sandy coastal mound in the land held by the Gananggalinda people.


In 1930 a mission was established at Burketown by Len and Dorothy Akehurst, members of the Christian Brethren Assembly. Two years later, mainly at the prompting of the Aborigines, the mission was transferred to Dumaji (Doomadgee), 100 km north-west of Burketown, opposite Mornington Island.

Within two years the administration officials proposed another move to a site on the Nicholson River, west of Burketown. When a cyclone severely damaged coastal Doomadgee in 1936, the transfer to Nicholson River (New Doomadgee) followed.

There was a hospital, a school (1933), cattle run (1200 head and 60 horses), a 65 acre garden, some cottages, but a general shortage of vehicles and equipment (1953).

New Doomadgee's population increased markedly during the 1950–60s and the township's facilities increased: a store, bank, post office, rodeo ground and a bakery.

Doomadgee has a retail store, preschool, primary and secondary education, a hospital, and accommodation facilities for which bookings and permits are required.


Important restrictions on the type and quantity of liquor that can be brought into various remote indigenous communities have been gradually implemented in Queensland.

Alcohol Management Plans have been developed by Community Justice Groups and contain recommendations for declaring all or part of a community area either a 'Restricted Area' and/or a 'Dry Place'.

People who live in, or are planning to visit, travel through or pass near a community which they feel may have restrictions should ensure they are aware of the laws. Bag checks can and will happen and severe fines apply if people are caught.

For detailed information by community visit the Queensland Government Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation website.


Guest House

Breakfast and dinner available.

(07) 4745 8235

Services Available

  • Supermarket
  • Fuel
  • Bakery
  • Post Office
  • Police Station
  • State School (Primary/Secondary)


Located on Sharp Street.

(07) 4745 8800

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