Skytrans FAQs

How do I book a ticket with Skytrans?
Bookings can be made online through the booking system or by calling 1300 SKYTRANS (1300 759 872). Book online and save! Skytrans charges a telephone booking administration fee of $35 (inc. GST) if booked over the phone through our Reservation staff. We accept all major credit cards.

What are the ages for an infant, child, and adult?

  • Infant — under 2 years of age at time of travel
  • Child — 2-11 years of age at time of travel
  • Adult — 12 years of age & above at time of travel

Where do I check-in?
Cairns departures — check-in at the Cairns domestic terminal.
Brisbane departures — check-in at the Brisbane domestic terminal. The counter is located behind the Jetstar desk.
Burketown departures — check-in at the Burke Shire Council office, Musgrave St.
Coen departures — check-in at Coen Guest House.
All other ports — check-in at your departure airport.

What is the minimum check-in time?
Check-in is recommended no later than 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure (exceptions listed below). Check-in closes 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time (exceptions listed below). Please ensure you have checked in by the check-in deadline in order to complete all departure formalities.

  • Burketown - Recommended 75 min - Check-in closes 60 min prior to departure
  • Coen - Recommended 75 min - Check-in closes 60 min prior to departure
  • Toowoomba to Sydney / Sydney to Toowoomba – Recommended 45 minutes. Check-in closes 30 minutes prior to departure
  • Toowoomba to all other ports – Recommended 75 minutes. Check-in closes 60 minutes prior to departure

Please be at the boarding gate by no later than the time specified to you at check-in.

What identification is required upon check in for a Skytrans flight?
When checking in for your Skytrans flight, you are required to show photo identification that includes your name. This can be a drivers licence, passport or other such documentation. For more details on appropriate identification please call the reservations staff at 1300 759 872.

What is the baggage allowance?
All destinations and return — All passengers except infants are allowed 15kg checked baggage and 6kg cabin baggage.

  • Checked Baggage 140cm max dimension 15kgs max weight
  • Cabin Baggage 105cm max dimension 6kgs max weight

*Total dimensions measured by adding together height, width and depth of the bag.

*Excess baggage will be charged at the excess bag rate applicable for route; however, excess baggage cannot be guaranteed to travel on the same flight. For more details on excess baggage call the Reservations staff at 1300 759 872.

Can I take my fishing rods when travelling on Skytrans flights?
Fishing rods can be taken as checked luggage. However, the length of the fishing rod cannot exceed 2 metres.

Can I carry alcohol on my flight?
Alcohol management programmes are in place in many of the communities in Cape York and the Gulf. Due to these programmes Skytrans has a ‘no alcohol’ policy on board our flights to these communities.

Does Skytrans carry freight?
Yes. All Cairns freight/cargo is to be consigned and collected through Toll Priority's office located at Cairns General Aviation. Contact them at 13 15 31. For other ports, please contact your local agent for details.

Does Skytrans carry animals?
Yes. Skytrans does accept animals but strict rules and conditions apply. Please contact our friendly Reservation staff for more details at 1300 759 872.

Can I board the plane without shoes?
No. The minimum required footwear is thongs.

Can I fly while pregnant?
Providing the pregnancy has not gone past 36 weeks you may fly while pregnant. It is permitted after 36 weeks if a letter from a registered doctor is provided assuring that air travel is safe.

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