Normanton is a small cattle town in the northwest of the state of Queensland, Australia, just south of the Gulf of Carpentaria, on the Norman River. The town's population is 1,100, 60 per cent of whom are Indigenous Australians.

The Gulf Savannah region extends from the Great Dividing Range in the east to the Northern Territory border in the west. The region is a safari country of golden savannah grasslands abounding with wildlife.


Established on the Norman River by William Landsborough, Normanton was the port for the Croydon Gold Rush and is a terminus of the Normanton Railway Station - whose Victorian architecture has been preserved.

Some 30 kilometres to the south-west of Normanton is camp 119, Burke and Wills' most northerly camp. The wetlands between Normanton and Karumba are also excellent for bird watching, particularly just after the wet season.

Normanton is 680 km west of Cairns, and 500 km north of Mt Isa.

Among Normanton's most notable features is a statue of an 8.64 m long salt water crocodile, named Kris, the largest ever shot. Barramundi and salmon may also be caught in the river.

Accommodation Options

Albion Hotel

(07) 4745 1218

Central Hotel

(07) 4745 1215

Normanton Caravan Park

(07) 4745 1121

Gulfland Motel and Caravan Park

(07) 4745 1290

Leichhardt Lagoon Camping Ground

(07) 4745 1330

Other Services Available

  • Community Health Centre
  • Clinic and Surgery
  • Hospital
  • Supermarket
  • Cafes and Souvenir shops
  • Bakery
  • Car Hire
  • Police Station
  • Bowls Club
  • Golf Club

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