Giving back to the communities that give to us

Skytrans takes its role as a leading corporate citizen seriously. As such we strongly support a large number of community events and organisations.

At Skytrans we feel that it’s our social responsibility to take an active role in supporting the communities that we serve, and who in turn support us.

Across our network we invest in a diverse range of programs, activities and initiatives which support youth development, sports, leadership, health care, education and the arts. By making these kinds of social investments into communities we aim to contribute to improving the quality of life that people live throughout remote Queensland.

In 2012 Skytrans officially launched the company’s first ever Social Investment Report, which showcases the richness and depth of how we give back to the communities that give to us. If you are interested in reading about some of the great work we are doing as a company you can view the 2011 Social Investments Report by downloading below.

You can also view our region by region factsheets which give an overview of the work we have done specifically in each of the four regional areas that we service; Cape York, North Western Queensland, the Northern Peninsula Area and West & South Queensland.

For all the up-to-date Skytrans news, including new social investments and announcements you can follow us on the Skytrans blog at or feel free to contact the Skytrans Community Development team:

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