Skytrans Social Investment Application

At Skytrans we strive to give back to the Communities that we fly to by making "Social Investments" into these communities. By investing in initiatives, programs and organisations that support and raise funds for community and social services, we aim to contribute to improving the quality of life that people enjoy in these Communities.

If your organisation is seeking Skytrans' assistance please fill in this form and a Skytrans representative will contact you regarding your request.

To be considered for Social Investment you need to meet Skytrans criteria including:

  • Your event/organisation must benefit a Skytrans community. Visit for a full list of Skytrans ports.
  • Your event/organisation must benefit the community, a community organisation or be part of a structured event (not individuals).
  • An investment into your event/organisation must not be of a commercial/political benefit to anyone.

Contact Information

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Application Details

Please explain what your organisation does

What is the structured event or reason for your request?

What community/communities does your event/organisation benefit and how?

Has Skytrans provided previous support to your organisation or event?

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If YES please provide details of previous involvement:

What type of support you are seeking from Skytrans?

Travel Freight Other

Please provide details (e.g. proposed itinerary, or $ value):

How would your organisation/event promote and raise awareness of Skytrans' Social Investment?

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Online (website / social media):

Broadcasting (TV / radio):


Are there any relevant time frames or deadlines for consideration?

Your application will be referred to the Skytrans Social Investment Group (SIG) for evaluation. This is a group of employees from a cross-section of business streams within the company, whose primary function is to review and evaluate requests, applications and proposals for assistance. The Social Investment Group meets during the second week of each month to assess new applications.

If you would like to discuss your application in further detail please feel free to contact:

Community Development Team

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