Horn Island (Ngurupai)

Horn Island, with an area of 53 square kilometres, consists mainly of vacant Crown land.  The Aerodrome occupies 6 square kilometres.  On the eastern side of the island is a Gold mine, which was in operation until recently. The main urban area on the Island is the township Wasaga, with general stores, churches, a community hall, motel, modern hotel and bulk storage facility for cargo. The public wharf provides an interchange service between the aerodrome and the Thursday Island ferry.  Adjacent to the Public wharf is the cargo wharf, built to primarily service the gold mine, but now used as a public cargo wharf. To find out more information about the Horn Island and it’s surrounding islands, please visit the Torres Shire Council website: torres.qld.gov.au

Travel Information

Horn Island Airport (HID) is located east of Horn Village on Airport Road. Check-in for Skytrans flights takes place at the main terminal. Check-in opens 90 minutes before departure of the flight and closes 30 minutes prior. Baggage is available for collection outside the terminal.

Outer Island Flights
From Horn Island airport, Skytrans fly to 11 outer islands throughout the Torres Strait. All outer island flights are operated in our fleet of Cessna C208B Grand Caravan. As some airports throughout this region are payload restricted, all passengers and luggage (including hand luggage) are required to be weighed before the flight departure.

Connection Flights
Skytrans is the only airline offering connecting flights between Cairns, Cape York, and the Torres Strait. Passengers can book these flights online or via our reservations office on 1300 759 872. Residents of outer islands can book through fares using the local fare scheme. Find out more HERE.

Thursday Island Transfers
Transfers between Horn Island and Thursday Island are available hourly through Torres Strait Tours. Bookings for these services can be made online, over the phone or in-person at Horn Island Airport.

As per Skytrans Terms and Conditions, Skytrans does not offer flight connections and/or baggage transfers to other transport providers, including Torres Strait Tours.


Airport History

The aerodrome was first constructed before World War II by the American Armed Forces and was upgraded in June 1995 to its current form including the construction of the existing terminal when Council took over ownership from the Department of Transport.

When you fly over Horn as you come into land you may notice an old dirt airstrip that was used in World War II.

Have you been a resident of Horn Island, Thursday Island, Hammond Island or Prince of Wales Island for more than 3 years? Find out how you can save on your flights HERE.

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