Lockhart River

The Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council encompasses 354,000 hectares of country which includes pristine beaches and internationally significant rainforest areas.  Located on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula approximately 800 km north of Cairns by road, the residents of the shire are mostly from six traditional family (language) groups:

  • Wuthathi from Captain Billy Landing to Olive River
  • Kuuku Ya’u  from Olive River to Nyllichii (creek south of Cape Griffith)
  • Kanthanumpu from Nyllichii to Lockhart River mouth
  • Uutaalnganu from Lockhart River mouth to Stony Creek
  • Umpila from Stony Creek to north of Friendly Point to Breakfast Creek
  • Kaanju from southern inland of Stony Creek and northern boundaries as far as Batavia

The Lockhart River Township is located about two kilometres inland from the glorious Quintell Beach and is surrounded by the Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park. To find out more information about Lockhart River please visit the Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council website: lockhart.qld.gov.au

Travel Information

Lockhart River Airport (IRG) is located west of Lockhart River on Airport Road. Check-in for Skytrans flights takes place at the main terminal. Check-in opens 90 minutes prior to departure of the flight and closes 45 minutes prior. Baggage is available for collection outside the terminal.


Airport History 

The Lockhart River Aerodrome was originally established by American troops during World War II and some remnants of the base still remain.

During World War II, American troops established a significant presence in the Lockhart area.  Four airstrips at the bomber and communications base were constructed to enable bombers to embark on missions over the Coral Sea.  Also used as a training base, thousands of Australian and US troops completed jungle training in the area prior to being deployed to South East Asia.  The current Lockhart River Aerodrome is located on one of the original runways and the location of former Air Force campsites, administration facilities, demolition storage facilities, the cookhouse and bunkers can still be identified.

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