Skytrans is proud to be a participating airline in the Queensland Government’s Local Fare Scheme.

The Local Fare Scheme is an airfare subsidy that aims to improve the standard of living of local residents in regional and remote Queensland communities by making air travel to neighbouring communities more affordable.

Eligible residents may receive a discount of up to $200 for one-way airfare bookings when travelling between select airports throughout the Torres Strait and Cape York regions.



  • Conditions

    • Up to $200 discount for one-way travel, including GST; up to $200 discount is applied to each one-way fare, including GST. Minimum fare payable is $99 each way, including GST, plus booking fees.
    • Residents must apply for and be issued with a Letter of Eligibility through their local council before being able to book discounted fares under the Local Fare Scheme.
    • Discounted airfares under the scheme are available through a local ticketing agent or from Skytrans.
    • Discount applies at the airline’s discretion.
    • Fare rules are in accordance with the fare type booked, set by airlines.
    • Discount is for personal air travel only, not for employer paid or government use.
    • Not to be used in conjunction with any other government travel subsidy.
    • Only for use on scheduled air services to selected communities.
  • Steps for booking your flight

    Step 1 — Apply for your Letter of Eligibility

    Visit your local council and demonstrate (your local council will set requirements) that you currently live and have lived in a Local Fare Scheme region for at least the last twelve months. If approved, your council will issue you a Letter of Eligibility. Contact your local council for more information.

    If you have lost your Letter of Eligibility contact your local council for a replacement.

    Step 2 — Buy your ticket

    Visit your local ticketing agent to buy your ticket or contact Skytrans on 1300 759872

    Bookings can be made on behalf of family members if each family member has a Letter of Eligibility.

    To access discounted flights through the Local Fare Scheme you must:

    • present photo ID
    • provide your Letter of Eligibility
    • book a flight from an eligible airport through the local ticketing agent.
    • advise the ticketing agent the reason for travel (this information is used by Transport and Main Roads to record data regarding the scheme use).

    Step 3 — Travel

    Turn up for the flight and present photo ID.

    Depending on the type of fare you have booked you will need to contact your ticketing agent if you miss your flight or need to change it.

    If you miss more than 2 flights within a 12 month period you may not be able to receive any further discounted flights.

  • Skytrans Local Ticketing Agents

    Cape York

    • Aurukun – Aurukun Post Office
    • Kowanyama – Kowanyama Airport
    • Lockhart River – Lockhart River Airport
    • Lockhart River – Iron Range Cabins
    • Pormpuraaw – Pormpuraaw Airport
    • Portland Roads – Out of the Blue Café
    • Northern Peninsula Area Council

    Torres Strait

    • Badu Island – Island and Cape Badu Island
    • Boigu Island – IBIS Store Boigu
    • Coconut Island (Poruma) – IBIS Store Coconut Island
    • Darnley Island (Erub) – IBIS Store Darnley Island
    • Dauan Island – IBIS Store Dauan Island
    • Horn Island (Ngurupai) – IBIS Store Horn Island
    • Kubin Village – IBIS Store Kubin Village
    • Mabuiag Island – IBIS Store Mabuiag Island
    • Murray Island (Mer) – IBIS Store Murray Island
    • Saibai Island – IBIS Store Saibai Island
    • St Pauls – IBIS Store St Pauls
    • Stephen Island (Ugar) – IBIS Store Stephen Island
    • Thursday Island – IBIS Main Store Thursday Island
    • Warraber Island (Sue) – IBIS Store Warraber Island
    • Yam Island (Iama) – IBIS Store Yam Island
    • Yorke Island (Masig) – IBIS Store Yorke Island

* The Department of Transport and Main Roads has the ability to amend the discount, eligibility criteria and seat availability at any time throughout the trial.
Minimum fare payable is $99 each way plus booking fees. A maximum of $200 off per flight.

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Online Bookings

Selected Skytrans Local Ticketing Agents now offer online bookings. When making a booking through these agents it is no longer necessary to call Skytrans. To save time when making your next Local Fare Scheme booking ask your agent about online options.

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