RASS Mail Plane

Skytrans provides air transport services in the Cape York region under the Federal Government’s Remote Air Services Subsidy (RASS) Scheme. This service is commonly known as the ‘Mail Plane’. RASS subsidises a regular weekly air transport service for the carriage of passengers and goods such as, educational materials, medicines, fresh foods and other urgent supplies to communities in remote and isolated areas of Australia. Due to the distances involved and with road access to many communities often cut for several months during the wet season, a regular air service offers the only reliable means of transport. Mail is carried on these flights under a separate contract with Australia Post.

Skytrans operate all RASS services in the Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, with a highly trained loader onboard to deliver cargo in a safe and timely manner. RASS services operate from Monday to Friday year round.

More information on the RASS Mail Plane can be found here.

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